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Penetration Test Systems


In IT, penetration testing is defined as a comprehensive security test performed on each computer or on a network regardless of its size. The aim is to examine as many system components and applications of a network or software system as possible while applying the same means and methods that a hacker would use to penetrate the system without authorization. Using tools, which help to replicate as many attack patterns as possible, which emerge from the numerous known attack methods, is an essential part of the penetration test. We offer you these powerful tools!

Requirements, conception and implementation of the simulation of a hacker attack targeting the weak points of a system or network are always customer-specific and individual. We respond to your needs! In addition to our powerful tools, benefit from our many years of experience and the high expertise of our PROMETO testers. On request, we will be pleased to design and implement your pen tests and provide you with both comprehensive test result reports, as well as comprehensible instructions / measures.