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Cyber Security

Digital raids

We are experiencing ground-breaking developments that are shifting from proprietary systems to integrated Internet devices. However, further developments like the increased availability of devices, networks, systems and infrastructures, as well as the sharing of information, can only bring about a successful digital transformation of the society and the economy if cyber security is seen as an essential component of this transformation. Because: the more devices, systems or networks are interconnected and digitalised, the greater the target for cyber-attacks and digital raids.

Cyber security extends the area of classic IT-Security to the entire cyberspace i.e. the internet and the information and communication technologies used in similar networks and systems.

For example, whenever functionally secure devices are connected to public networks – as in the case, for example, with cars that have Internet access and the ability to schedule the next inspection, when necessary – this also raises the question of the integrity of these systems and software. Anyone who wants to successfully launch products on the market must therefore be able to intensively tackle cyber security. We know that many managers and developers find the discussion about cyber security rather tedious.

It doesn't always have to be hacking attacks that compromise the integrity of software and systems. During the design and development of software, vulnerabilities which are exploited for cyber-attacks often emerge. Therefore, cyber security aspects should be considered from the initial phases of the requirements and risk analysis, as well as in the design phase of the development process.

Even after release, software and systems that are considered secure and well protected can still have security vulnerabilities in the course of their lifecycle, which must be resolved as quickly as possible through software updates. Likewise, the release of unauthorized functions is another challenge that developers are confronted with.

In these times of increasing networking and growing cybercrime, cyber security approaches must be comprised of several different levels, such as security technology, education & training, third-party expertise and services. A modern cyber security architecture is our contribution to the security of your products! We would be delighted to provide you with expert knowledge concerning security issues, basic security prevention and fast reaction options in the event of security breaches.
We offer resilience and an integrated security strategy!

Our portfolio*

  • Threat Analysis
  • Risk Assessment
  • Evaluation of Security Requirements
  • Penetrations Tests
  • Password-Management
  • PI-Protection
  • Expertise
  • Strategy and Organizational Consulting
  • Methods, Tools and Instrumentes
  • Trainings

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