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Systems Engineering


Modelling and Design

For many decades, Systems Engineering has been in existence in the aerospace industry and is becoming the standard approach in many other industries. However, the complexity of tomorrow's product innovations and intelligent technical systems has increased across all industries, and so have the requirements associated with systems development. Networking, increased integration of intelligent functions and user-friendliness are what make tomorrow's products.

System Engineering considers both the product to be developed and the associated project and offers an appropriate solution approach in order to meet any upcoming challenges encountered during the development of the product. As a basis for communication and cooperation during development, it provides the necessary transparency, planning reliability and quality improvement.

PROMETO is an experienced solutions-provider in the field of embedded systems. We deliver optimal solutions based on the interaction between hardware, software, design, project and process management and the development tools used. Our solutions are applied when controlling the development processes, during modelling, as well as during the implementation and calculation of mechatronic and electronic systems (and software).

We offer a complete and systematic approach, using consistent methods and processes and help you to optimize your project costs and at the same time avoid misplanning and coordination problems.

We do not leave quality and strategy to chance!

We make sure that your development results meet your requirements and offer you, in addition to our many years of experience in the consultancy business, the corresponding tools and instruments necessary in the following sectors

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