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TARA - Threat Assessment & Risk Analysis

TARA (Threat Assessment & Risk Analysis) is a process model for analysing vulnerabilities and threats, as well as for assessing and tackling security risks.

A threat is seen as a possible danger that exploits the so-called system vulnerabilities and in so doing, reduces or removes the information security of the systems. A threat can be perceived as either intentional or accidental. In contrast to this, an attack on the system is however intentional. Such an attempt is always aimed at obtaining an unauthorized use of a system or deactivating the use of the system.

The probability or effect of possible threats or attacks on the systems is reflected in the risk value. The damage potential, reproducibility, exploitability and an analysis of the affected users provide relevant clarifications in this regard.

We are proficient in both, the OWSAP Risk Rating Method as well as the EVITA Method (E-Safety Vehicle Intrusion Protected Applications) and we will be pleased to support you in the evaluation and prioritization of security risks!