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Functional Safety

Evade product risks

Functional Safety is concerned with the prevention of dangers to life and limb caused by technical equipment. Traditionally, Functional Safety is considered from an enclosed system boundary, without considering networking with public networks (Internet). However, Functional Safety is also the main requirement for our products when networking with public networks. The only change is the focus on maintaining the integrity of the systems and software. Consequently, it is important to bring products onto the market that have a high level of Functional Safety while offering sufficient protection against internal or external cyber-attacks.

In the past, (cyber) security and (Functional) Safety were considered to be isolated. In times of digitalization, this no longer applies, because: if automation systems are coupled with IT systems, a cyber-attack can have a direct impact on Functional Safety, for example, when a robot is controlled remotely, thus becoming a direct physical danger to humans. Therefore, the topic of security is also very important in the area of Functional Safety.

We are passionate about the security of your products. We have many years of experience in the field of Functional Safety.

Our offers*

  • Consultation for Managerial Staff
  • Personnel services
  • Functional and technical safety concepts
  • Independent safety analyses, expert reports and safety cases
  • Customized training & education for employees and managers, IT professionals, developers
  • Product optimization in the field of functional safety
  • Secure design, implementation and monitoring of complex development processes


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