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Strategy and Organizational Consultation


Strategy consulting

We are passionate about the security of your products. We have many years of experience in the field of cyber security. As experts in the electronic systems’ security, we are pleased to point out to our commercial customers which constraints must be considered and which adaptations are necessary in order to integrate security meaningfully during the development process. Find out what risks and opportunities the fight against hackers has to offer and why it is no longer enough simply to use development processes.

Cyber security requires managers to overcome completely new challenges. Most importantly, any security breach needs to be resolved within hours. To achieve this, the management must establish a framework that reduces the time it takes for a product to be released i.e. from several weeks to just a few days, without compromising the reliability or security of the product. In addition, anyone wishing to protect themselves against security threats must not only rethink the methods and processes used today but must also constantly learn and practice new attack techniques. We provide you with procedures for risk minimization and demonstrate that real threats can indeed be eliminated in a short time. 

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Organizational Consulting

Organizations must make changes if they want to protect themselves from security threats.  The challenge: To successfully design change management processes. Clarity in Security-Strategy offers thereby guidance. We support you in conveying the need to make in-house changes, and in so doing, we help you to take the grit out of the gears. We create the necessary framework conditions and ensure a smooth process flow. We also help you to reduce possible conflicts among the involved parties and decrease internal opposition. 

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*aimed exclusively at commercial customers