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The increasing interconnection of devices, systems and networks also involves the danger of companies always exposing themselves to external attacks. Developers cannot prevent hackers from exploiting security loopholes and obtaining malicious control over devices and systems. However, developers should master the techniques and approach used by hackers to find these loopholes in the development phase, before cyber criminals later do so.
As security experts, we have many years of experience in analysing threats, as well as in setting up and conducting security tests of any magnitude. These so-called penetration tests (pentests) make it possible to assess all system components and the use of network or software systems using the means and methods that a hacker would use to penetrate the system without authorisation. We offer pentests in the field of embedded systems.

An essential part of a penetration test are the tools that help to reproduce as many attack patterns as possible that emerge from the numerous known attack methods. 

On request we offer appropriate tools for the equipment of pentesters or for the training of future penetration testers in the areas of networks and computer systems of embedded systems.