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Incident Response Plan

With enough time and resources, hackers can penetrate even the most secure system!
A necessity in the fight against cybercrime is, therefore, the strict guarantee of system integrity and the consequent reduction of possible security risks. Considering this, clear structures and a common understanding of the system must be achieved so as to be able to assess the probability of the risk of cyber-attacks. 
The development of threat models with the help of security experts or the testing and discovery of possible weak points with the help of penetration tests are common measures. 

We're going one step further!

We can help you establish and implement a response plan for emerging cyber threats and to conduct security drills. Without such an incident response plan, organizations may fail to detect attacks in advance or may not be able to respond adequately to threats. Even post-incident recovery without an incident response plan is often difficult, especially because you don't have time to slowly resolve the situation, since your customers expect constant delivery and uninterrupted service. If you cannot ensure such a solution, your customers will suffer damages. You can counteract this liability risk with a reaction plan.
With our support, identify which security breaches trigger your incident response plan. We show you how to detect security incidents faster, limit their outcome, reduce recovery time and minimize potential damages. We also advise you on defining roles and responsibilities in your company.