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The achievements we attain from our developments are extremely valuable and arouse desires. Protect your innovations with the Secret Server from Thycotic and with our solutions which have been adapted to match your development needs. 

1. From now on, protect the access to all your sensitive data with an intelligent Privileged Account Management (PAM) Solution.
2. Enjoy fast implementation and easy management.
3. Use granular authorization and authentication options.
4. You can easily minimize your own operating expenses.
5. Moreover: Immediately ensure that you comply with the EU General Data Protection Regulation (EU GDPR). 


Structure of the PAM solution

The secret server consists of an application server, as well as a database and it manages access to:
- Local Windows accounts
- Windows services
- Windows scheduled tasks
- IIS application pools
- Unix/Linux accounts
- VMware ESX/ESXi accounts
- Application accounts 

Customer benefits

The Secret Server offers not only significantly increased security to protect your sensitive data but is also suited to reduce the company' s risks and save costs in the administration sector. In detail:
1. Significantly increased security for the sensitive areas
• External employees (temporary staff, trainees): All the necessary login access for this group is limited for only a short period of time. Manual deletions of access rights are not necessary.
• Dismissal of employees or resignation: When an employee leaves, all access is blocked. There are no accounts that might have been accidently overlooked hence still accessible by this employee.
• Classical lists (Excel or similar) can be extremely risky when it comes to data loss and transferability. This risk is completely eliminated by using the Secret-Server. 

2.  Reduce costs by minimizing administrative costs
• Access is set at a central point on the Secret Server and not decentralized on each system. This considerably saves time.
• Rights can also be granted temporarily, for example between 8 pm and 10 pm for maintenance work.
• If manually maintained lists are inadvertently passed on (EXCEL or similar), ALL passwords must be changed manually, and this is a time-consuming process. However, this is eliminated when using the Secret Server. 

3. Customer benefit compliance, in view of the EU GDPR
• The Secret-Server is part of your company's risk management.
• Manual password lists (Excel or similar) are naturally critical when it comes to audit processes, usage control and compliance. In contrast, the Secret-Server offers a full audit functionality and usage control.