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Supplier Incorporation

Industrial companies depend on what they develop today for their existence tomorrow. The immense financial strain involved in such development arouses desires. Consequently, development sectors are amongst the main targets for hackers and data thieves. However, attacks by the so-called "inside thieves" are more frequently encountered. These "inside thieves" include the company's own employees, as well as suppliers and service providers. This group of perpetrators is extremely dangerous because they have insider knowledge and they also have access to the company's internal network.

Our IT security solution in the field of supplier connection in the development sector

Our solutions are always customer-specific and not just of a product catalogue. They follow these basic principles: 
- We deal intensively with the hackers' approach and thus incorporate their state-of-the-art technology, since our interpretation of Sun Tzu's "The Art of War" is: "To know your enemy, you have to become your enemy".
- We put in several safety guidelines, similar to onion rings.
-Data traffic is always initiated from the inside (e.g. of an onion) to the outside and not vice versa.
- Wherever possible, we rely on virtualization. Users see a screen content, but have no direct access to images, source code or other development data at their workstations.
- Users should have just enough privileges enough to do their work. Especially when it comes to development, local administration rights pose a particular risk. 

Benefits for commercial customers

Our IT security solutions for the development sector are customer-specific and address the respective need for security within the sensitive areas. In detail: 

1. Significantly increased security for the sensitive areas
• External employees (temporary staff, trainees): All the necessary login access for this group is limited for only a short period of time. Manual deletions of access rights are not necessary.
• Dismissal of employees or resignation: When an employee leaves, all access is blocked. There are no accounts that might have been accidently overlooked hence still accessible by this employee.
• Maximum security is attained by setting up protection zones, steering from inside to outside, specifically limiting user privileges and virtualization. 

2. Reduce costs by minimizing administrative costs
• Access is set at a central point on the Secret Server and not decentralized on each system. This considerably saves time.
• Rights can also be granted temporarily, for example between 8 pm and 10 pm for maintenance work.

3. Customer benefit compliance, in view of the EU GDPR
Our solutions are part of your company's risk management