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Secure networks for vehicles

Minimise cyber threats to radio and cable networks

The TOP topics


  • Information flow between user, OEM and vehicle
  • Cyber security of portable devices (mobile phone, PC etc.)
  • Leveraging the cyber security of the manufacturer
  • Control over the radio networks in the vehicle
  • Technical solution approaches for OTA and FOTA
  • Gain access to the system - live hacks!


Modern cars have considerably more software than commercial planes and must be updated regularly. In this context, the customers, as well as the manufacturers, desire efficient and convenient ways to do this. Over-the-air updates provide an optimal solution in this case - but they are not free of risks from hacker attacks! Just like the networks of the vehicles they are targeted by hackers.

The ECU software has to be constantly and in short cycles further developed in order to resolve errors and implement modifications. It is important to use modern methods that use wireless interfaces such as WLAN or mobile communications.

With classic over-the-air (OTA), only settings for individual services, such as the next destination are transmitted to the navigation system. The method, Firmware Over-the-Air (FOTA), has higher requirements. This involves the installation of the most recent software onto the ECU. In the case of (F)OTA, new aspects must sometimes also be considered. These include among others the effective signing of updates, as well as user authentication. It is essential that the attack surface is considerably reduced.

Gain expert knowledge and eliminate specific security loopholes! 

In this seminar you will learn, in a practice-oriented manner, what you can do to ensure the protection of your software against unauthorized access by third parties during transmission.


    Target group

    • System Engineers
    • Software Architects
    • Software and Hardware Developers
    • Managers, Project Managers and Team Leaders in the field of Electronics / Electrical Engineering
    • Safety Engineers and those responsible for safety
    • Functional Safety Managers employed by vehicle Manufacturers and Suppliers (automotive, mobile machinery, commercial vehicles, railways, aviation)


    Seminar Dates

    You can book this seminar via the VDI-Wissenforum or as an in-house training!

    3rd-4th of March 2022, Frankfurt on the Main
    28th-29th of June 2022, Stuttgart
    25th-26th of October 2022, Berlin


    Seminar Coaching

    Engineer Juergen Belz, the Managing Director of PROMETO GmbH, Paderborn

    After studying electrical engineering with a focus on automation, Mr. Belz led the development of systems and software of hybrid vehicles at Continental. This achievement was honoured with an award in the category " Trendsetting Software Initiative". Afterwards, he was globally in charge of the processes, methods and tools used in the development of hardware and software at Hella, an automotive supplier, for seven years. Under his leadership, Hella successfully became the first supplier to achieve SPICE Level 3 and launched the first prototype AUTOSAR control unit that was installed in a vehicle. Since 2010, Mr. Belz is a Senior Consultant for Safety & Security at PROMETO. PROMETO offers processes, tools and specialists necessary for the development of safe products.


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