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Product Security

The current security requirements in the fields of automotive, transportation or mechanical engineering are as diverse as the solutions offered in these sectors. A product is usually considered to be secure if it poses zero to minimal risks during normal or reasonable use. Although product safety is normally aimed at preventing health hazards, the same amount of focus should also be paid to cyber security

The practical implementation of cyber security requires a lot of knowledge, time and energy. We incorporate knowledge into the development processes and guide you in the implementation of cyber security aspects during the product development, because in the complexity of standards, guidelines and national regulations, companies can easily lose track. By doing so, you save time and energy.


Conception of secure products

Our all-time advice during the development process is, not to strive towards solutions that are 100% safe, because 100% security is not feasible. Based on this advice, there are two core objectives to be considered during the development process. The primary goal is to set up barriers during the product design phase in such a way that exploitation becomes ineffective for hackers. The second core objective is to incorporate technical measures during the product design phase that allow a quick counterattack, in case of a successful hacker attack. These measures should be written down in the incident response plan.

The concept of secure products is a flowing process. It incorporates the entire conceptual development work regarding two core objectives, i.e. from briefing to the presentation of the finished concept. Just like in requirements engineering, there are correlations between the two processes; requirements engineering and requirements management. They are often called Security Engineering and Security Management. These two processes are performed by the Security Engineers and Security Managers.

The result of the conception is the security concept. This is a fixed plan that combines existing experience and new ideas into a programmatic framework for action. The security concept can exist as a (Word) document presentation or just as a general idea in participants' minds.

Our job is to facilitate the conception of secure products (process) and develop a security concept together with you (the result of the process).