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Mulitpoint Server / Training Systems



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Nowadays, speed and profitability can only be achieved if the company focuses on its own strengths. Expert knowledge is one of these strengths. If companies want to avoid hiring external experts, more emphasis should be placed on providing further training for the employees within the company. The increasing decentralisation of decision-making processes, as well as a higher and faster availability rate of data and bandwidths, also lead to an increased demand for qualification. In the age of digitalization and in the context of Industry 4.0, new user interfaces (such as augmented or virtual reality) and new usage scenarios for digital media play an important role.

We offer completely digitalised training systems that can be used for learning and training purposes. Our Multipoint Server solution allows several users to share one computer - and still operate comfortably. Each user station is connected to a host computer and is equipped with a screen, a keyboard and a mouse. The multipoint dashboard on the host computer offers the user a comprehensive overview, as well as easy management of the user station desktops.


Your advantages

  • Location-independent collaboration / communication between different teams or with customers
  • Time and cost efficiency
  • Reduction of travel costs
  • Self-regulated learning by your employees
  • Possibility of documenting communication and learning processes


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